Our services include full management of your property for owners who do not wish to be involved in the day to day routines of managing their property, or who are unable to do so due to living abroad. Details of our charges, which are very competitive, are listed below.

Looking after your property. We aim to ensure that your property is kept in good and weather proof condition. To regularly inspect the property to ensure they are kept in the best possible condition, allowing for wear and tear. Utilities and Council Tax are transferred into the tenant's name on your behalf. We will arrange for an inventory to be made up at your request if so desired. Our management service includes arranging general maintenance, dealing with any problems which may arise (for example if an appliance fails or the heating system breaks down) in the most efficient and effective way possible.

We will collect your rent and account to you with the monies as soon as possible, allowing for bank transfers etc. We maintain dedicated client bank accounts to hold funds.

We list below our :-


The Landlord agrees that the Agent (WEEMCo) will deduct all fees (as appropriate) from the monthly rent payments.

The Landlord agrees to pay the Contractors charges in respect of emergency works or minor works and that these costs will be deducted from the monthly account. The parties agree that major works (over 400) will be subject to special agreement, unless at the discretion of the Agent, the emergency is of such a nature that the works must be carried out immediately.

The Agent will account to the Landlord within a reasonable time of receiving the rent. The amount of time may vary according to the Banks clearing system.

The Agent will make payment on behalf of the Landlord in respect of maintenance, repair and other outgoings and advise the Landlord at the time of the monthly account: no such payments will be made unless the Agent holds sufficient of the Landlord's money. In addition if the Landlord requires the Agent to prepare, and administrate the refurbishment of their property it will be proper for the Agent to make a charge on all works over 1,000. (No fees will be incurred without agreement)

The deposit paid by the Tenant will be held by the Agent who will account to the Tenant at the expiry of the Tenancy when the Schedule of Dilapidation has been prepared and all contractors invoices have been received, and all keys returned etc. No interest will be passed on to the Tenant on their deposit.

It is agreed by all parties that in disputes over dilapidations between Landlord and Tenant, that the Managing Agents decision will be deemed to be final.

Where possible, the Landlord will sign the Tenancy Agreement, however it is agreed that if this is not possible for practical reasons that the Agent will sign the Tenancy documents on behalf of the Landlord on condition the Agent holds a valid Power of Attorney in the matter of the property the Agent is managing.

The Landlord is hereby advised and reminded that if he has a charge on the property by way of a mortgage, then he must ensure that he is permitted by the owners of the charge to use the property for residential letting: further, the Landlord must and has, disclosed to the Agents all matters which affect their right to let the property.

The Landlord acknowledges that he understands the Taxation implications of letting the Property and that he is responsible for complying with the relevant legislation, including the submission of his self-assessment return.

The non-UK Domiciled client agrees to appoint an Accountant to account to the UK Tax authorities for any UK Taxes due from the rental income or to provide documentary evidence of a current exemption.

It is recorded that the Landlord has been advised that he should maintain a policy of insurance to cover loss arising from damage caused by Tenants or otherwise to the structure, fittings or contents of the premises to be let. It is also recorded that the Landlord has advised his Insurers of his intention to let the Property. In particular, the Landlord has been advised that the Agent will take a deposit from the Tenant equivalent of a least one month's rent, whether or not the deposit will be sufficient to cover loss or damage to the Property or its contents in the individual case is something over which the Agent has no control.

The Landlord is strongly advised to insure the property and contents through the Agents. The agents will not entertain any claims against them for damages for loss and damage to the building, its fittings, or to the contents (which are not covered by the deposit in full or in part) and the Landlord undertakes that in the event of any of the losses described he will make a claim on his insurance.

Instruction manuals for all appliances are to be left in the property where applicable. Items of particular value should be listed and described in detail and given to the Agent.

This Agreement shall continue until the end of the Management of the Property. If the Landlord discontinues the services of the Agent during a Tenancy the Agent will be entitled to charge a letting fee for the remainder of the Tenancy, furthermore the Landlord will not be entitled to have the Tenants deposit transferred to himself or another Agent, without the express permission of the Tenant in writing.

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